Enchanted Angels collaboration captured by Soul Gazing Photography

Over the past several months, Soul Gazing Photography has grown astronomically; engaging in more events and branding projects and of course expanding our portrait photography portfolio. Recently, I was contacted by Enchanted Angels to capture their authentic brand through creative product photography, event photography and professional portraiture.

Enchanted Angels was started by Elvira and Alexis. Both of whom have been involved in spirituality for 15 years. They started their business with the intent to share their knowledge and bring about positive change to the community. 

Alexis a Perth-based Graphic Designer who has always wanted to help people access their full potential and live out a better life for themselves. Through western astrology, she has found a tangible resource that can give an in-depth analysis into our identity. 

Elvira Jersky has always been interested in people’s stories, where they come from, why they do what they do and their life path so far. Her thirst for knowledge in spirituality and alternative healing is relentless. With her in degree in crystal healing and many other alternate healing practices, she is constantly looking to up-skill herself so she can give her best for people looking for guidance. You can see the passion in her eyes as she’s been learning about natural healing for years.

In this project, I was placed with the task of capturing the crystals that are sold by Enchanted Angels. We used the palette of watercolours created by Alexis as a backdrop, adding an extra level of mystic to this unique brand. The photos of the crystals turned out beautifully because of the way the watercolours made the crystals pop!

I also had the opportunity to illustrate their professionalism through portrait sessions and witnessed some candid moments as I covered their education, open and market days. Take a look!

I absolutely adore collaborating with businesses whom I strongly resonate with. These sorts of projects make my heart sing. Thank you to the team from Enchanted Angels for including me on this exciting project.