Top 3 Places in Perth For a Family Photography Session

  1. The Beach

Starting with portraits at the beach are one of the best ways to begin a family photography session. The location and the sights compel family members who might initially be hesitant in front of the lens, to loosen up and just absorb their alluring surroundings. The longer you spend at the beach the more the urge grows for the family to frolic along the sand, in the water and climb up the dunes. This makes for an excellent ice breaking with your family’s relationship with the camera and will result in excellent candid laughter.

2. Park

We’re blessed with wonderful beaches in Australia, there is no doubt about that, but what often gets overlooked is our vast number of parks and nature reserves. The beautiful greenery paired with the textures creates a perfect consistent backdrop for the family to pop out. Share laughter and unforgettable moments with loved ones while I capture every precious moment, as if I wasn’t even there! An environment like a park and natural reserve promotes family interaction and is a natural setting that comes easy for photography.

3. Adventure (out & about)

They say that sometimes the most amazing moments are during the journey rather than the destination. That philosophy can easily be adopted for the lens. A great idea for a family photography session is to go where the wind takes you and to document this fun adventure. An adventuring session can result in some real character shots that reflect curiosity, wonder, laughter, mischief and so much more. You will truly relish the inquisitive interactions that are caught on camera during an adventure. A family photography session that documents a journey is often the most fun to look back on too!