Networking Photography of the WA Family Business Insights Captured by Soul Gazing Photography at Aloft Hotel, Perth

The top Family Business leaders across Australia flew far and wide to be apart of the WA Family Business Insight held at Aloft Hotel in Rivervale. A casual conversation over a warm cup of tea was a great way to start proceeding’s and get everyone prepared for some serious business learning.

Thoughtful planning here by the KPMG team made the learning fun and engaging.

I’ll be honest with you, I was learning a lot whilst capturing these moments. The true meaning of learning on the job.

As the numbers grew towards the estimated hundred guests, we made our way up the elevator, to be greeted with this lovely scene.

Spyrides_Kyle_WA_Family_Business_Insights_DSC3079 copy.jpg

What a gorgeous location to have any event. The near 360 degree views had us taking in the Hills, Lesmurdie, the Swan River and that beautiful Perth skyline.


With Mike House's 'Human Illusion' we journeyed down the path of science and the mind. Learning how stress runs in accordance with what we can manage in our day to day tasks. His experience and understanding of our human natural survival mechanism are the tools he uses to empower us in our lives. Filtering out all the small problems that accumulate to stressing us out. 

After that there was a case study into fraud in a family business. Half way through the story the audience were prompted to discuss what would be their next move in the matter and provide their resolutions. The shocking thing was how equipped everyone was to deal with fraud, which in itself was evident of how prevalent it is, even in family businesses.

We moved on to a lovely lunch and more networking on that irresistible balcony. Everyone sat back down to be greeted with the stories of top Australian family businesses. We heard from Ian Kent’s, Lionel Samson Sadleirs Group, who are the second oldest family business in Australia to CEO John McLean of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks who told us we flip the brew to activate the ginger seen below.

Spyrides_Kyle_WA_Family_Business_Insights_DSC3487 copy.jpg

Topping off a day of learning, sharing knowledge and fun, was a beautiful sunset over this stunning city, which we’ve become a custom to seeing here.